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The purpose of Hook in Hampshire is to provide Hook’s residents, organisations and businesses with an online voice, promoting newsviews as well as keeping you infomed of events.

Hook in Hants

About Hook

Hook is located in the North East of Hampshire between Basingstoke and Fleet within the Administrative district of Hart District Council, it has a railway station on the South Western Mainline and is close to Junction 5 of the M3 Motorway providing a transport link between London and Southampton.

At the time of the last census* the population of Hook was 7,321, the district of Hart has consistently appeared in the top ten of districts with the highest life expectancy for both males and females.  In February 2012 Hart was one of the two lowest areas of unemployment with only 1.3% claiming unemployment benefits.

Hook is home to several large IT companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services and Lenovo with Serco and Virgin Media both having headquarters in the Bartley Wood business park.

Do you recognise this person? We need to speak to him following a suspicious incident in Sherborne St John, Basingstoke.

Please follow our link for more details and call us on 101 quoting 44190235401 with any information.


I've mapped out the possible extent of development for the Shapley Heath Garden Village which could join up the villages of Hook, Winchfield and Hartley Wintney into a single urban sprawl

Do you know this man?

We would like to identify him after card was used fraudulently at the #HookVillageCentre on June 24.

Can you name him?

Call 101, quote 44190217096

⚠️ *NEW 08/06* Due to a tree blocking the railway between Farnborough Main and Basingstoke, all Basingstoke bound lines are blocked. Trains running through these stations may be cancelled, delayed or revised. Disruption is expected until 17:00 - https://t.co/imkvCCexC2

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