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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Want to improve your speed and productivity using a computer?  Using keyboard commands can make you work faster and more efficiently.  In this article Hook’s David Caldwell from Interspatial Online Services shares his must know keyboard shortcuts for a windows pc.

Two key shortcuts, these require you hold the 'Ctrl' button down while you press the second key.


Keyboard Shortcut Cut

Ctrl + X

Think of the X as being like a pair of scissors that will cut out the selection and store it on your computer's clipboard for future use.



Ctrl + C

Copy is the same a 'Cut' but is stores the selection on the clipboard while leaving the selection on the page intact.


Ctrl +V

Paste retrieves the centent stored on the clipboard and pastes it into the document.


Sends the active window to a printer, very useful when printing emails.

Ctrl + P



Ctrl + F

Opens the applications search facility, want to find a phrase hidden in a large document or web page? Find will open a search window for you to enter your search into.



Makes the selected text emphasised

Ctrl + B



Marks the selected text in italics


Ctrl + I

Select All

Selects everything in the application window

select all

Ctrl + A


Saves your work to the computers memory


Ctrl + S

Shortcuts using the Windows Key

Show Desktop

Show Desktopi

Windows + D

Minimises all of your active windows and displays your desktop.

Open Windows Explorer (File manager)


Windows + E

Opens your file manager

Three Key Shortcuts

Task Manager

Show task manager, use this when a program freezes and becomes unresponsive

task manager

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Insert Current Date

Insert Date

Alt + Shift + D

Inserts the current date into a word document, useful for letters and invoices.

Insert Current Time

Insert Time

Inserts the current time into a Word or Outlook document

Alt + Shift + T


Video Tutorial Showing my Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

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