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Sainsburys Store Update

30 Aug 2014

On the 2nd June 2014 Hart District Council granted permission for Sainsburys to build a new store in Hook and demolish the existing buildings at the site.

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Before any building work commences archaeologists must investigate the site which is believed to have been where ‘La Hoke Farm’ once stood occupied by the ‘del la Hoques’ who settled in the area after the Norman Conquest.

The works will include the demolition of Hook House Bungalow, Hook Farm and Hook House Farm

The customer entrance will be accessible via Griffin Way North while Lorries will access the stores service yard from London Road.

Competitor Tesco recently withdrew its planning application to enlarge their existing store which will mean that if constructed the new Sainsburys store will have double the area of Tesco.

A section 106 agreement dated 22nd May has been entered into between Hart District Council, the house owners and Sainsburys Supermarkets Limited.  The agreement binds the developer to make a contribution of £80 thousand towards free village parking for a period of five years at Crossways and £100 thousand towards highway schemes which include a Hook to Hartley Wintney and Hook to Odiham Cycle Routes.

The developer must enter into a Section 278 road making agreement with Hampshire County Council for off-site highway works before any development commences.

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