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Free Workshop for Budding Entrepreneurs

30 Nov -0001

Budding entrepreneurs are invited to learn more about turning their business ideas into a commercial success, at a free workshop being held in Hook, Hampshire, this December.

The ‘Turning product ideas into reality’ workshop will bring together experts from a range of disciplines, who will each be offering their specialist advice on a different step in the business development process. 

The workshop is being hosted by Stefan Knox, award winning product designer and founder of innovation agency Bang Creations, working in partnership with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). 

“For anyone with an idea for a new product who is thinking of starting out in business, or who wants to innovate to grow their existing business, then this workshop is one not to be missed,” explains Stefan.

“It will be a fantastic introduction, covering each step of the product design and development process, from initial idea through to reaching the end customer. It will equip attendees with knowledge and also practical advice that they can apply to their own situation. Importantly, it will tell them what they need to do to give their idea the greatest chance of success.” 

At the interactive full-day workshop, attendees will hear from experts on a range of topics including; how to generate good ideas and think creatively, how to test the commercial potential of an idea, what steps to take to protect an idea, manufacturing and the practical realities of bringing an idea to market, and different sources and funding routes available.

Richard Teal, value engineering specialist from MAS South East, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Bang Creations to offer this free workshop. It will give budding entrepreneurs the chance to learn how to make their ideas a commercial success.” 

Stefan added: “It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur, with all sorts of funding and support on offer for start-ups and growing businesses. The manufacturing sector in the UK is having a resurgence, with more and more movement back from China to the UK. It’s the perfect time to make those business ideas take off!”


The ‘Turning product ideas into reality’ workshop is being held on Wednesday 4 December at the EEF offices on Station Road in Hook, from 9-3.30pm. To attend please contact Natalie on 01428 654466 or email studio@bangcreations.co.uk.

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